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woensdag 19 maart 2014

Walk like in Egyptian in our time...

 Some results of a project my colleague Valerie Deprez did in her art class.  The kids had to work in the style of the famous Egyptian art - but had to draw a situation that could be seen only in our time... 

More about the project on our blog .  Hit the translate button over there if your Dutch isn't all that good ;-)

zondag 2 maart 2014

Birds like Corneille

7th grade
More on
Please visit there for more detailed info - hit the translate button on the upper right corner over there or just mail us for more info!
7th grade

Thanks to S. F

vrijdag 21 februari 2014

Optical illusion of your hands part 2

By Valerie, 8th grade.

This project is a modification of the project blogged here -->  Optical Illusion of your hand.

The complete project description can be found here:
You can hit the translate button on the upper right corner to get an English translation.

By Chelsey grade 8

donderdag 13 februari 2014

Animals with patterns.

By Britney 2DECO
The children made animals with stripes or spots.  Those stripes and spots were filled with patterns.
All the info can be found on
Hit the translate button on the upper right corner.

Iris 2DECO

woensdag 29 januari 2014

Fish in warm and cool colors.

These are some results of the Fish in warm and cool color project.  You can read more on the Dutch version of our blog on
Hit the translate button on the upper right to read in English! (or another language).
You are all welcome to start following over there - We will post some results here every time, but the supplies and instructions can be found over there. 

Greetings the Art Lessons From Belgium - team.

Photo montage with comic figure.

Thanks to Valerie Deprez for wanting to share this project - please check out for more detailed explanation of this project.