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donderdag 4 oktober 2012

Under an umbrella

There is so much in this project of Valerie Deprez! 
The children learned about one point perspective and had to draw a city using this new way (for them) to create the illusion op depth in a drawing.
When they had drawn their cities they learned about tones of gray and how to mix them.
On the street they had to put people, carrying an umbrella.  The further away, the smaller they get of course.
Accents had to be made in primary colors.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. An excellent project - it has so many elements to it! Wonderful!! :)

  2. Beautiful results.
    Your students did a fantastic job.

  3. I love your students results! I always look for new ways to each the 1 point perspective.
    I couldn't find anything about Valerie Deprez is she an artist?
    Best Regards

    1. She is another teacher that joined our blog this summer. The results are from her students.
      She is not a professional artist, but I guess, like all of us an amateur artist ;)