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woensdag 9 januari 2013

A Calender in black-white and red

I'm baaaaaaaaaack - maternity leave can be great!  But now it's time to get going with my students again!
My baby is 6 months now and I'm totally ready to get creative with kids again !!!

I found some lovely projects my sub Annemie Sevens did while I was gone.  Nice enough to share! ;-)
Even though I was silent at this blog for a while - comments kept coming so I think some people found the site anyway! Hurray!

This nice calender was made by the 8th graders!  The class has 11 students, so almost a year in months.
Every child had to design one month of the calender.  The kids chose some specific themes for the different months.  February has heart - May birds and december pine trees.  The dates couldn't just be written on a line, the had to be originals shapes too.  It's not my project, so I don't know the details, but I thought it was a nice enough idea to share anyway!
The results were awesome!

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