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maandag 4 maart 2013

Mondrian Animals

By Hanne - 2DECO
Every year we have one theme week.  This year that week has started today and the theme is 'colors'.  We thought it would be nice to use Mondrian because he use the primary colors. 

Mondrian is a Dutch painter who made an evolution from realistic to totally abstract painting.  He used the primary colors (yellow, red, blue) with white shapes and black lines. 

The kids drew a cartoon style animal and divided this drawing in rectangles.  They used a fineliner to go over the lines and chose some of the shapes to color with primary colors.

I got the idea from an English article I found on Pinterest
Link magazine: Animals with a Mondrian twist

By Jessy 2DECO

By Iris 1ste jaar secundair.

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