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vrijdag 5 juli 2013

Crab with weebly eyes.

It's Summer holiday!  Hooray!

My husband and I are working a few days at the renovation of our house so the littlest member of the family can sleep in her own bedroom soon! 

That's why the kids are going to the day-care.  Lucky for them - they have a lovely garden (ours should be finished somewhere in August -finally) and the lady who runs the day-care does lovely creative activities with the kids.  All toddlers up to 3 years.

Yesterday my son came home with this lovely crab:

By Nora and Briek - 2,5 years


* Blue paper
* Sandy colored paper
* Red paint
* Glue
* Scissors (best grown-ups help or do the cutting!)
* Weebly eyes.

Step by step

1) Cut out the beach out of the sandy colored paper.
2) Glue it on to the blue paper (the sea)
3) Paint one and red
4) Print it on the beach, make sure the thumb is upwards.
5) Paint the other hand red
6) Print it against/a little over the first hand, make sure the thumb is upwards.
7) Let the crab on the beach dry
8) Glue on the weebly eyes.

This activity is great for kids up to 7 or 8 years old if you let them make little boats on the sea, shells on the beach next to the crab, ... you can make it more interesting for the somewhat older kids.  Let's face it, they still like weebly eyes too!

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